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Leather & Product Care

Leather Care

The artistry of leather craftsmanship has been aspired to globally for decades; in fact it is one of the oldest crafts known to mankind. Like art, leather has beauty, elegance, sophistication, finesse and if cared for properly, Black Rose Collection bags will last and stay in good shape for a lifetime.

We recommend that you:

  •  Always consult a specialist leather cleaner if you accidentally incur stains/marks.
  •  Keep Black Rose Collection products away from any source of direct light or heat.
  •  Do not overfill your Black Rose Collection bag, purse or wallet, excessive overfilling could cause mis-shape or damage.
  •  Dampness, humidity, rain or water should be avoided. If your Black Rose Collection product becomes wet, blot excess moisture with soft white coloured cloth, stuff with tissue paper and allow to dry naturally.
  •  Always store in a dust bag and fill with tissue when not in use.
  •  Avoid long periods of direct sunlight or heat.

Wood Care

Wood is a natural product and like leather, wood scratches, thus should be treated with care and respect.

We recommend that you:

  •  Do not use caustic or other household cleaners.
  •  Do not use any form of abrasive product, chemicals, soaps or detergents.
  •  A special process has been used to preserve, maintain and protect the wood from undesirable elements so GENTLY WIPE with a damp cloth only.
  •  If damage or indelible marks should occur, we offer a ‘maintenance service’ (available on request).